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Terms and Conditions of Hire

  1. Hire of equipment is on a daily basis with delivery to homes ideally between 8am and 12 noon and collection from 5pm but these times are fully negotiable.
  2. Please see free cancellation policy at the bottom of the page.
  3. At all times the equipment is the property of Planet Bounce Bouncy Castle Hire and they reserve the right to collect the equipment at any time they feel necessary either in the event, or expectation, of poor weather or any other reason they produce.
  4. In the unlikely event that Planet Bounce Bouncy Castle Hire cannot deliver the equipment due to events beyond their control then they will not be held responsible for any liabilities that this may cause.
  5. Planet Bounce Castle Hire may cancel any booking at any time without prior notice. This would rarely happen but for severe weather conditions we must reserve this right.
  6. The adult hiring the equipment must supervise the inflatable at all times.
  7. Footwear, dangerous objects such as pens, buckles, purses etc. must be removed. Spectacles are better removed.
  8. Do not allow people to bounce on the front step.
  9. Do not allow people to climb or hang off the walls.
  10. No food, drink or smoking is allowed on the inflatable.
  11. No somersaults or other manoeuvres that may risk causing damage to the persons head / neck / back or any other part of any person's body are allowed on the inflatable.
  12. The supervisor should watch the inflatable constantly and any children playing in a dangerous manner must be dealt with and removed immediately.
  13. Larger children must be segregated from the smaller ones.
  14. The inflatable must not be overloaded and an adequate bouncing space must be available for each person whilst on the inflatable as not to cause contact to others whilst bouncing.
  15. The inflatable must not be deflated while in use and the anchor points must not be tampered with.
  16. Party poppers, hair dye, face paint, silly string, spray foam, washing up liquid and any other liquids must not be used on the inflatable. (These substances cause permanent damage to the inflatable and the cost of this damage may be charged to the hirer.)
  17. Any vandalism or wilful damage must be paid for in full by the hirer.
  18. The inflatable is not to be used by persons over 14, unless adult hire has been agreed by Planet Bounce Bouncy Castle Hire.
  19. The inflatable must be switched off if the wind rises to a dangerous level.
  20. The inflatable should be left on at all other times during the hire (even if it rains) unless prior arrangement has been made with Planet Bounce Bouncy Castle Hire.
  21. Planet Bounce Bouncy Castle Hire has full public liability insurance however this cover only exists when an employee of our company is present therefore we can take no responsibility or liability once the inflatable has been left in the supervision of the hirer. Planet Bounce Bouncy Castle Hire must also warn the hirer that if any accident occurs from the hirers neglect to supervision then the hirer will be responsible and not Planet Bounce Bouncy Castle Hire.
  22. In the unlikely event of a problem with the hired equipment during the hire period the hirer MUST NOT attempt to fix the problem unless it is minor i.e. the blower detaches from the castle. Instead the hirer should ring 07920 187170.
  23. Some coupons can be combined and this is allowed as a business rule, however we reserve the right to cancel a booking without notice due to coupon abuse. i.e. If you apply a coupon without fulfilling the coupon criteria in the order. For instance, a HOGOF coupon must not be applied to weekend bookings and MULTI coupons must not be used with single item orders or single items reserved over consecutive days.

Cancellation Policy

In order to take advantage of our free cancellation an email must be sent to us either by replying to the order receipt or by using our contact us tab on the website. This policy is necessary to ensure we have a log of the cancellation request. If an email is not received and we turn up on the day then the full amount must be charged because the castle would have been secured to you and prevented others from hiring it.

Weather - Planet Bounce offers free cancellation due to forecast rain or high winds based on the met office forecasts. Forecast rain or wind must be as per the Met office forecast and within but not before 24 hours of your hire period. Due to the met office poor long range forecasting we cannot accept free weather cancellations for periods before the 24hour forecast. Free cancellation applies to forecast rain only and does not apply to light showers for inflatables with rain covers. Planet Bounce reserves the right to charge up to the full amount for weather cancellations that do not meet the above criteria.

Illness - Planet Bounce reserves the right to charge anything between 50% and the full price of the inflatable hire based on late illness cancellations. Late Illness cancellations consititue cancellation within 48 hours. We understand that this is something beyond your control but we are operating an incredibly busy business with high organisational costs, staff and admin costs and therefore 3 or 4 illnesses in a week will have a dramatic effect on our service to others.

Low Turnout - Planet Bounce reserves the right to charge the full amount for low turnout cancellations if cancelled within 5 days of the hire period. It is not the fault of Planet Bounce or its affiliates that a party is expecting a low turnout.
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Discount Coupons

The following 8 coupons can be used on checkout. Please use block capitals:


Seasonal Coupons

Only 1 seasonal coupon can be applied per order. The system will delete all but the highest saving coupon from your order automatically.


SUMMER5 - £5 off Summer online bookings. - April 21st to September 20th.


SPRING10 - £10 off Spring online bookings - March 14th to April 21st.


AUTUMN10 - £10 off Autumn online bookings - September 21st to December 20th.


WINTER20 - 20% off Winter online indoor bookings - December 21st to April 20th. 


Other Coupons

ORGANISER - 7.5% Cashback for school or large event organisers on orders over £250 (after other discounts). The cashback amount will not show on order receipts or invoices because it is a commission incentive to the affiliate or person placing the order. 
HOGOF - Midweek Hire one day get one consecutive day free (2 weekdays). Please select both weekdays to qualify. **

DAY2DEAL - 2 FULL Consecutive Days Rental including weekends and save 25%. *

DAY3DEAL - 3 FULL Consecutive Days Rental including weekends and save 33.33% (equates to one day free). *
MULTI2 -  £15 off 2 inflatables allocated on the same duration. *

MULTI3  - £30 off 3 inflatables allocated on the same duration. *

On-line payment not required, payment options include:

  • Cash on Delivery
  • Credit Card
  • PayPal
  • BACS and FPS

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