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Online Ordering Coupon Codes

Discount Coupons

The following coupons can be used on checkout. Please use block capitals:


Seasonal Coupons

Only 1 seasonal coupon can be applied per order. The system will delete all but the highest saving coupon from your order automatically.

WINTER20 - 20% off Winter online indoor bookings - December 1st to April 20th. 

SPRING10 - £10 off Spring online bookings - March 14th to April 21st.

SUMMER5 - £5 off Summer online bookings. - April 21st to September 20th.

AUTUMN10 - £10 off Autumn online bookings - September 21st to November 30th.


Other Coupons

ORGANISER - 7.5% Cashback for school or large event organisers on orders over £250 (after other discounts). The cashback amount will not show on order receipts or invoices because it is a commission incentive to the person placing the order. 
HOGOF - Midweek Hire one day get one consecutive day free (2 weekdays). Please select both weekdays to qualify **

DAY2DEAL - 2 FULL Consecutive Days Rental including weekends and save 25% *

DAY3DEAL -  3 FULL Consecutive Days Rental including weekends and save 33.33% (equates to one day free) *
MULTI2 -  £15 off 2 inflatables allocated on the same duration *

MULTI3  - £30 off 3 inflatables allocated on the same duration *

On-line payment not required, payment options include:

  • Cash on Delivery
  • Debit or Credit Card
  • PayPal

 * Usable with other coupons
** Not usable with any other coupon