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The first secure real-time availability and booking system for bouncy castles in the UK.
All online bookings are encrypted.
Call or Text: 07920 187170
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We started in 2008 as a small bouncy castle business with 2 brand new 12x12 commercial bouncy castles and a bounce and slide. The business was initially started by Ryan, a contract web and database developer of 10 years who was tired of commuting to London and sitting in an office all day. A change was desperately needed and with two children under the age of 6 it seemed like bouncy castles was the perfect solution to get out of the office while giving the family great Summer entertainment.

In the first year of trading we had released the first fully automated, online bouncy castle booking system in the whole country and it was instantly a hit. Surrey customers were blessed with the first online booking system for bouncy castles and the bookings flooded in while the competition stayed idle for several years. A lot has changed over the past year and now nearly all bouncy castle companies in Surrey have followed suit so we thought we'd change the rules once more.

Not only do we still have the only secure online booking system in the Country, we also have the only fair commission based system in the Country. Although I (Ryan) am politically neutral (they are all crooks). I feel that labour is a huge asset to any business and such the workers and stock contributors should be rewarded fairly. Our drivers receive at least 50% of their delivery earnings and at least an extra 20% if they own a castle and it goes out on any route. The remaining commission pays for storage, security, web hosting, development and general admin associated with managing the phones.

When you book with us, you are not giving your money to a greedy, self-serving Director or group of paper shareholders, you are giving your money directly to the people delivering and owning the castle that you hire and coincidentally all of our drivers also have children of their own.

Green Deliveries for a Green Future

We are focused on a greener future for our children and being the dominant  business in the area we feel we can achieve greener goals responsibly by owning or hiring modern, efficient and Euro compliant vans for busy Summer routes. Most full-time drivers do drive modern vehicles however a few of our Summer contractors may use older vehicles. It isn't practical for us to purchase a fleet of modern vehicles when the peek months are only a fraction of the year but we are trying our best in financial terms to lessen the impact on the environment.




Planet Bounce Guildford - 13 Homestall, Guildford, Surrey, GU2 8JT.
Planet Bounce Farnham - 80 The Chantrys, Farnham, Surrey, GU9 7AL. Telephone 07920 187170 from 9:00 to 17:30 on Monday to Saturday