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Bouncy Castle Hire in Surrey, Guildford, Woking, Farnborough, Weybridge

Bouncy Castle Hire in Surrey, Guildford, Woking, Farnborough, Weybridge

 Showing Availability for 19/04/2014 
  • Sea Boxed Bouncy Castle 10'x10' Surrey
    Sea Boxed Bouncy Castle 10x10 Surrey

    Available to Hire

    Length: 3.3m (11.0')
    Width: 3.3m (11.0')
    Height: 2.3m (7.5')
    Age Limit: 14 years
    Maximum Insured Children: 5
    Hire Price: £60.00
  • Sea Bouncy Castle 12x12 Surrey
    Sea Bouncy Castle 12x12 Surrey

    This inflatable is on hire

    Length: 3.8m (12.5')
    Width: 3.8m (12.5')
    Height: 2.9m (9.5')
    Age Limit: 14 years
    Maximum Insured Children: 5
    Hire Price: £65.00
  • Soft Play and Baby Ball Pool Surrey
    Soft Play and Baby Ball Pool Surrey

    Available to Hire

    Length: 5.4m (18.0')
    Width: 3.6m (12.0')

    Age Limit: 14 years
    Maximum Insured Children: 7
    Hire Price: £85.00
  • Princess Bouncy Castle and Slide Combo Surrey
    Princess Bouncy Castle and Slide Combo Surrey

    Available to Hire

    Length: 3.80m (12.5')
    Width: 5.60m (18.5')
    Height: 3.10m (10.0')
    Age Limit: 14 years
    Maximum Insured Children: 7
    Hire Price: £90.00
  • Jungle Adult Bouncy Castle 15'x18' Surrey
    Jungle Adult Bouncy Castle 15x18 Surrey

    Available to Hire

    Length: 4.7m (15.0')
    Width: 5.5m (18.0')
    Height: 3.6m (12.0')
    Maximum Insured Children: 12
    Maximum Insured Adults: 8
    Hire Price: £115.00
  • Jungle Fun Run 28'x9.5' Surrey
    Jungle Fun Run 28x9.5 Surrey

    Available to Hire

    Length: 8.5m (28.0')
    Width: 2.8m (9.5')
    Height: 3.3m (11.0')

    Maximum Insured Children: 10
    Hire Price: £120.00
  • Pirate Giant Inflatable Slide Surrey
    Pirate Giant Inflatable Slide Surrey

    Available to Hire

    Rolled Up Width: 0.9m (3.0')
    Length: 6.2m (21.0')
    Width: 4.4m (15.0')
    Height: 6.0m (20.0')
    Platform Height 3.0m (10.0')
    Weight: 208.0Kg (459.0lbs)
    Hire Price: £140.00
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Welcome to Planet Bounce Bouncy Castle Hire Surrey

Bouncy Castle Hire Surrey

Thank you for visiting Planet Bounce, the home of quality bouncy castles and slides for Surrey and Hampshire. We offer hire or rental of a wide range of certified best quality bouncy castles and slides produced by the largest manufacturer and certainly not the cheapeast inflatables in the United Kingdom.

We currently have two bases, one is in Guildford, Surrey (between Woking and Aldershot) and our new bouncy castle base is in Farnham (between Alton and Godalming), this means we can deliver to many surrounding areas in Surrey and Hampshire for absolutely free. Our Surrey Inflatables are of the highest contrast with incredible digital print.

Competitors with Copyright Themes

We understand that several local competitors do advertise and hire a range of copyright material. We would like to make it absolutely clear that those businesses are hiring illegal bouncy castles because it is impossible to buy a copyright license for popular character themes on bouncy castles. You can not legally install these for public events unless you apply for a license from the character or theme copyright owner. Breaking strict copyright laws can bring huge personal fines to the hirer, business or corporation. It is not a risk we are willing to take or encourage for our customers. 

You are 100% protected from copyright infringement laws if you hire any of our inflatables.

We do understand that Google "put's them at the top" as one customer once emphasised. Unfortunately this doesn't make them any less illegal.

What they won't tell you:

1) If you put any pictures of your event or wedding on a social network with a copyrighted bouncy castle then it is you or your business who is at an increased risk of prosecution in a civil law court and not the hire company. Copyright lawyers are increasingly targetting home owners or people with assets, is it really worth it? Copyright theft is a civil legal matter which means you are guilty until you can prove you are innocent. Ignorance is not a defence in a civil law.

2) Potential Invalidated Insurance - Copyright theives may claim and prove that their castle is insured, however insurers can immediately invalidate the insurance based on copyright infringement in the event of a claim, this is called a 'get out' clause and is usually hidden in ambiguity. A common practice for insurers is to specify that a hirer "must own the inflatable". It is obvious that a hirer with pictures of unlicenced copyrighted material does not belong to the hirer and therefore invalidates the insurance completely, not just for the copyright castle but also all other castles owned by the copyright theif. Please carefully check insurance documents carried by copyright theives and look for specifics regarding copyright in the insurance.

3) Trust - Would you trust somebody who is openly stealing copyright and knowingly putting you at financial risk? Would you allow these thieves to wonder your garden and talk to your children?

About Bouncy Castle Hire

Bouncy castle hire was one of the first and is still the most popular inflatable products in the industry. Bouncy castles provide hours of fun and entertainment for toddlers, teens, and even adults. Bouncy castles, also known as jumpers, bouncers, moonwalks, moon bounces, spacewalks, jump jumps, and bounce houses are a great form of entertainment for any event or occasion. Some bouncy castle hire products contain activities inside to provide for some extra fun. If a bouncy castle hire is not interactive enough for your children, you can also hire our bouncy castle slide combos, giant slides and obstacle courses.

Soft Play Hire in Surrey

We stock a small selection of soft play animals, shapes and ball pools or ball pits. These are perfect for babies parties or at events where you know there will be a high attendance of little ones. We offer a standard softplay package with the option to upgrade the small ball pit to a large iinflatable ball pool with air jugglers around the paremeter wall. 

Value for money party entertainment

In these difficult times you may be cutting back on costs and this is where hiring a bouncy castle can save you money on your events and parties. As a few examples, the cost of a party with just 10 children at the Guildford Spectrum starts at £87.60 per hour/per game not including food and transport, an average of 2 games/hours will cost £175.20. Alternatively, a party for the exclusive soft play zone at The Big Apple in Woking will cost £199 per hour or £220 at Rainbow Tots in Knaphill Woking.The cost of our small bouncy castles are just £65 or £60 when ordered on-line and they can be hired for the whole day so they are perfect for longer parties. You also gain the benefit of a simply a great item for your children to keep them entertained for the rest of the day. Don't let the recession be depressing, hiring a bouncy castle can cut significant costs while giving your kids an event that they will never forget.

Bouncy Castle Hire Safety and Insurance

We hold £5m public liability event insurance for all of our bouncy castles and slides so you can be rest assured that your event will be 100% covered by any fault arising from our annually PIPA and PAT tested equipment. We also use weatherproof IP44 rated extensions,plugs and sockets so don't worry too much about the rain dripping all over our cables and reels, we've got it covered. Enjoy your visit to our site,

Planet Bounce Delivery areas

We deliver to most areas in Surrey including but not limited to Guildford, Woking, Farnham, Farnborough, Godalming, Cobham, Oxshott, Virginia Water, Addlestone, Epsom, Ewell, Surbiton, Kingston, Thames Ditton and Leatherhead. Please don't worry too much if your area isn't listed here, these are just a broad example; for our complete delivery areas and possible charges please select a product above and check the postcode drop down list. We can deliver to wider areas for larger orders over £250. Please contact us for a quote if you are outside of our standard delivery area.

Kind Regards,

Planet Bounce

Bouncy Castle Hire Guildford, Surrey